Ethnic Collage



Exemplifying on the saying, "Innovation is the antidote of stagnation" and appropriate to their sensibilities and ethos, Pratham, has always been discovering and re-modeling newer ways to showcase the age-old art form of Pichwai in their creations.

With much pride, Pratham uncovers, made with love and care, never seen before, handcrafted range of Pichwai art inspired jewelry. Just like their six yards, Pratham has crafted jewelry from an infinite symbolically significant spiritual forms and images whose meaning is long forgotten. Every single piece of jewelry crafted holds not just decorative value but is also replete with inherent meaning and symbolic value.

Pratham strongly relates to the soulful story of Meera whose love and soulful singing for Lord Krishna is the testimony of the fact that anything if followed passionately has the capacity to impact the world. 

Once again, Pratham showcases this nuanced collection of Pichwai art inspired jewelry, through the devotion of Meera. These striking images depict the surrender of Meera; and her undying devotion and love for Lord Krishna.

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